Wonderful Value – Breathe Yoga Mat Review

Don’t waste your money. This mat has more cushion than others which is great. I committed to an expensive mat on the recommendation of instructors. The inexpensive mat I was using was unsafely slippery, this one stays put. If you want the best, this is it. It’s highly recommended. Definitely feels solid, manly, and protects you from the floor. One drawback, mine is still slippery after three washes and probably 20 classes.

It’s comfortable for all the floor work, and stable for all the standing and inversions asansa. I have tight hamstrings.

If you are planning on traveling with this mat be aware that it is heavy, so if it is a long way from the car to the studio it’ll be some work. I purchased the Manduka BlackMatPRO about a month ago and I really do love it. I put my knees into it all the time and it feels just fine. The mat is rolled out over vinyl flooring, so the mat is all the cushion I have. To show their confidence, Manduka slaps a Lifetime Guarantee on this bad boy. The materials used in this mat are top-notch, and you can tell a lot of thought went into the manufacturing process.

This time I used a bath scrubber and gentle dishwashing liquid which finally eliminated the smell. I practice hatha yoga once to twice a week with occasional hot yoga.

You won’t be disappointed, especially if you live in a full, active household. I don’t do yoga but I do a lot of stretching along with some strength exercises I learned studying Kung Fu.

This is the best yoga mat that you could ever buy and is well worth the money. I’ve tried many, and none give the traction, support and cushioning that you will get with the Manduka Pro. I have a really bad back and I need to do a lot of stretching every single morning and every night before I go to bed. I have tried lots of cheaper mats and none of them were really something I would recommend to someone. I could not even do the Down Dog without slipping from my hands n feet. I ended up using the generic mats that the club provides. I have tried using this mat several times.

Roughly the thickness of two average mats together, this one will help cushion all those boney parts and not bunch up the way two mats together always seem to do. It’s not only thicker, it’s denser to boot.

The smell, which is reminiscent of permanent markers, wafted a couple of rooms away as it was drying in the bathroom even with the extractor fan whirring away. Small Kitchen Storage Cabinets.