Why Doctors Ask, Is Obesity Caused By The Medical Fat Virus AD36

Obesity is all around us. We automatically assume someone who is obese does not take care of themselves. The fact is that if you do not mind what you eat, and try to be active then you will gain weight. Food will be stored as fat, and you will have a harder time getting the weight off the longer that happens. There are some studies that suggest that obesity could be caused by a virus. This virus stores more fat in already fatty cells, and it also speeds up the development of new fat cells. This significantly can increase weight gain, and can make it difficult for someone to lose the weight. Accidentally discovered when a pathologist was trying to figure out why chickens were gaining weight and then dying in India, this theory soon became a hot topic in scientific circles. All of them wanting to know the answer to, is obesity caused by the medical fat virus AD36?

This sparked the interest of some scientists at the Pennington Biomedical Research facility. They tested the virus by introducing it to healthy chickens. The chickens who were introduced to the bacteria did gain weight so it seemed like the virus caused obesity.

Most people only have time to make quick unhealthy meals or grab fast food when they are out and about. People do not think about what they are putting in their bodies. It can really affect their heart health, as well as cause many other medical problems. The extra weight can strain your body, and you can be tired all the time.

To answer the question is obesity really caused by the Medical Fat bacteria AD 36 you have to understand how the ailment affects the body. It can affect fat cells that already exist and cells that fat can be stored in. When you gain weight, it is because new fat cells are created when the ones you already have cannot pack any more in.

When a heavier set of twins were tested, one had the ailment and the other did not. They both weighed the same and had close to the same amount of body fat. The one with the virus did have slightly more, but only by a couple percent.

Another team of scientists studied a pair of twins who had way too much body fat. They were around the same size, and had about the same percentage of fat in their bodies. One of them tested positive for the virus, and the other did not. This led them to believe that the bacteria only played a small role in obesity.

A scary thought is that AD 36 is contagious, which makes you care a little more if you are overweight is caused by the medical fat disease AD 36. It starts in the lungs and works its way all around your body. As of now, there are not any cures for the ailment. There is a test that can be done to determine if you do have the ailment but it will cost you a little to find this out.

The best thing to do is to try and live a healthy life. There is not a point in finding out if you have the ailment until there is a cure. Is obesity caused by the medical fat virus AD36, the jury is still out?

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