What Secret Workouts Are There For Perfect Female Abs?

When women find themselves gaining a bit of weight around the waist, they begin hunting for gyms and other weight-loss avenues. Always skeptical about the methods that they employ, most women tend to ignore the most important rule in weight-loss techniques – that male and female abs are structurally similar.

This means just one thing – if an exercise helps a man lose a beer-belly and get a flat stomach, then a woman can use the same techniques to achieve the same results. Over the years, we’ve been exposed to the (wrong) perception that women have different exercise requirements as compared to men. We find more women running on treadmills than lifting heavy weights – a common sight in any gym.

What women don’t realise is that by lifting weights, and constantly increasing the resistance levels progressively, they ensure that their muscles remain lean and mean. As long as they are eating the right kind of food, they will never put on bulk and become muscular.

Increased resistance ensures that as your muscles get stronger they are constantly pushed to the limit. This keeps them lean and tight throughout the year. Interval training, or varying the intensity, at which the routines are performed, guarantees that the cardiovascular requirements, from a thorough exercise schedule, are also taken care of. While this is the quickest and most effective way to earn tight abs, your exercise routine will be completely useless without the proper diet.

There isn’t any need to keep increasing the rep-count because both the cardio and resistance techniques ensure that all the progression you need is an increase in the resistance levels. Female abs-workout schedules don’t need endless hours of running or crunches – this regimen takes care of that!

The addition of a healthy, nutrient-rich diet ensures that the body has everything it needs to get through each day. Not only does your diet give you energy for the exercise routines, it also helps you get through the rest of your day and enable muscle-recovery to prepare you for the next day’s schedule. Given the important role that diet plays in achieving perfectly toned abs, how can we even think of anything processed or packaged?

The importance of the right full-body exercise regimen combined with proper diet are they keys in the pursuit of washboard abs. Male and female abs are built the same way and react the same way to the right kind of exercise and diet. The only thing that stands in the way between you and a toned stomach is your commitment and dedication to the process.

By sticking to a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and the right amount of proteins, our body stands to gain plenty of vital nutrients and energy-rich substances to get through those exercise routines. Female abs, like male abs, require a combination of a healthy diet and a strenuous exercise regimen to stay in shape. Make sure you give it all that and more as you work your way towards a healthier life.

Leif Oakman is a fitness teacher. Check his site for more tips about female abs and lower abs workout at