What Foods Can Help Keep My Mouth Healthy?

There are a lot ways to keep your teeth healthy, aside from brushing, flossing, and seeing your dentist Salt Lake City on a regular basis. Having a healthy diet is a major step you can take to help to keep your teeth healthy.

Clearly, if you eat a lot of candy and drink soda and eat chips all day, every day, then your oral health (as well as your overall health) will begin to suffer. Fresh fruits such as apples and vegetables like broccoli may help to keep your teeth and mouth healthy.

Some foods will harm your oral health when eaten too much, like soda, candy, chips, and certain grains, but there are plenty of other foods which will help your oral health. You might want to eat celery; celery causes you to chew more, making you produce more saliva, and the saliva kills lots of bacteria in your mouth. As there is water in celery, eating celery also helps to clean your teeth. Eating cheese helps to prevent your teeth from becoming discolored, and also makes you produce more bacteria-killing saliva. Eating raw onions can eat away at the bad bacteria in your mouth. The calcium in milk can be helpful in keeping your mouth clean.

Your Salt Lake City dentist may even recommend a diet for you if you are having issues keeping your teeth healthy. Routinely this diet will be loaded in vitamin rich foods like fruits, vegetables, and milk. It may also contain a lot of protein, as meats contain phosphorous, a material that’s necessary for the creation of tooth enamel.

They can probably also suggest eating tons of carrots and other orange fruits and veggies, as they contain beta-carotene, which helps to keep teeth and bones strong. If your dentist puts you on a diet for the sake of your oral health, you can bet that your overall health will also improve when you follow the diet, as the foods will all be healthy for you.

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