What Does a Vegan Diet Consist Of?

Of the many diets around, one hot topic these days is the vegan diet. The vegan diet is said to promote optimal health with its ability to provide all the essential nutrients. To be more in detail for one to have a better understanding on this diet and what it can offer the body, read on the following.

Vegan diet is what you can call as a plant based diet, meaning there is no meat, egg or dairy product that is included. It only consists of eating fruits, vegetables, legumes, beans, fat and grains. Vegan diet is a vegetarian diet, there are more several types of a vegetarian diet, and it includes the following, Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian, Ovo Vegetarian, Lacto Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Macrobiotic, Live Foodist, Fruitarian and the Vegan diet. These diets have different description but are all considered as a vegetarian type.

Focusing on vegan diet, this is one type that is said to be most challenging as it requires specific and definite rules that is to be followed. Before switching to the vegan diet, it is appropriate to know as well as understand all there is to know about the diet in order to plan ahead and be successful.

One common misconception of the vegan diet is that it is believed to not be a complete diet that offers the body complete set of nutrients that it needs since it lacks calcium, vitamin B12, and protein. Such claim obviously holds no truth and is far from what’s true and proven. For one, the vegan can offer protein through a variety food sources from nuts, grains, tofu and beans. While others may still believe that animal protein still offers more protein that the body needs, it is proven in research and studies that increased levels of protein can affect the calcium deposits in the bones leading to bone diseases like osteoporosis.

On the calcium food sources, the vegan diet also offers a wide variety of choices. Food choices include Chinese cabbage, kale, broccoli, bokchoy, and collard greens. The best part of these foods is it is also helpful in absorbing food nutrients.

On the food sources of vitamin B12, there are wide variety of foods that are included in the vegan that are good alternative for getting vitamin B12, these foods include fortified cereals, fortified soya milk, nutritional yeast, miso, tempeh, meat analogues and many others that are both healthy and nutritious to the body as it does not include any harmful cholesterol.

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