Weightwatchers Launch A New Barcode Mobile Scanner Apps

Weightwatchers continue to lead and innovate in the the weight management and weight loss market.

Lately the world leading provider of weight loss membership services have added a new mobile bar code app that you can take to your local supermarket and scan the foods that you are looking to buy. The app will then tell you the points plus price that a certain food has.

The new plus points are the part of a fairly new system which is based upon the well-known traditional point system. The points plus system has a benefit of differentiating which food is the best even though two differing types of food have the same amount of calories. Thousands of products are at first included.

This new app is intended to help users have a less complicated time when out shopping for healthy food.

The mobile application is available on the android market as well as i-phone, i-pads and i-pod touch products. Users will have to have a current weight watchers membership.

Weightwatchers customers now have accessibility to lots of other mobile applications, this bar code scanner app is a new addition to the current applications that are available.

The scanned foods that are generally accessible can be added to a users top lists and to their daily trackers.

Possibly the best feature of this new app is the comparison module, this enables you to compare multiple products that've been scanned and then see a nice comparison. Giving you the facility to plan meals, shopping lists and good food in a rather more organised way.

When you're off-line because you haven't any web connection you cannot use all the functions normally available to you, however you can still use it to compare prior items that you have scanned during the past, access your shopping history and use the points plus calculator

“Today’s consumers look to technology to simplify their lives in every way possible,” said Mike Basone President of and Chief Technology Officer.

“The bar code scanner application will help them better navigate the supermarket aisles to make smarter food choices while facilitating additional food tracking – a technique that is key to weight loss success. Our main objective with all of our mobile applications is to provide our subscribers with ubiquitous access to all the tools necessary to reach their goals.”

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