The Truth About Acai Berries Diet

The Acai Berry Diet craze is relatively a new thing in town and many people might not have had of it or even get to see the Acai berry itself. Acai berries and small round fruits got from Acai palms of the Central and South American origin. These palms are mostly found in the swampy jungles of Brazil and some flood plains around there. It is a basic component of the Brazilian natives? diet and becoming a popular part of weight loss diet plans.

In the recent past, Acai Berry Diet has become very popular among people seeking to lose wait. The diet has got itself airtime in some popular media, including TV, and professional Doctors are also backing it up as being a healthy diet. These berries have however attracted interest in just the past few days and much remains to be scientifically studied about the influence of the berry to human health. In this article, we highlight some speculations that have a greater inclination towards the truth about these berries.

Acai berries are said to have higher levels of flavonoids and anthocyanins than any other type of berries. These two substances are strong antioxidants. Antioxidants are scientifically proved to neutralize harmful byproducts of certain body processes. The effects of antioxidants help reduce the possibility of getting high risk diseases such as heart problems, cancer and others related to overweight.

The argument that Acai Berries help in weight loss, when included in a diet, is based on the fact that the berries contain antioxidants, which are able to eliminate toxic substances from the body. The toxins may contribute up to 20 pounds of the body weight and thus would considerably lead to weight loss when eliminated. So, including Acai Berries in your meals will also help in cleansing your body in addition to helping in weight reduction

Acai Berries have fiber and amino acids that aid the process of digestion and body metabolism. These components and other minerals of Acai berries also help muscles to regenerate. The berries have also been known to have phytosterols and essential fatty acids that help keep the heart healthy. As a result, reduced aging process is said to be another benefit of eating Acai berries.

The natural way in which Acai berries grow has perhaps contributed to its becoming popular. These berries grow in the Amazon forest with minimal influence of man. Their growth is not enhanced using any fertilizers or other agricultural chemicals like it is for other plants. The various diet products made from Acai berries are also consist of freeze-dried natural berries.

Acai berries are best when taken fresh from the tree. However, these fruits are highly perishable something that makes it impossible to package and export them to the world market. However, there are several supplements such as Acai juice, puree, powered, and diet pills that are available in the world market.

There are many other benefits of Acai Berry Diet in addition to the ones highlighted above. A clear mind, better immunity and eyesight are some of them. However it should be remembered that if any studies have been made to establish the truth in the claims, they are still in the preliminary stages.

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