The Steps to Lessen Your Cholesterol Level

Keeping one’s cholesterol in a minimum level is becoming popular not just because of the teens’ desire nowadays to achieve Baywatch bodies. A lower cholesterol level makes a person healthy inside and out too. Too much cholesterol in one’s system is the reason behind most illnesses which made a lot of individuals breathe their last.

Diabetes, hypertension and heart ailments are a few of these threatening illnesses. Your grandparents or parents are most likely to have them since digesting food and making fats into energy can’t be easily done by their bodies anymore. This might be also what a physician has in mind whenever he/she tells his/her obese or old patients to cut all cholesterol filled foods in their diet.

The basics on cholesterol

People have been talking about cholesterol but do they what it is and how it affects the body. Because of news about rising cases heart problems in the country, cholesterol has become an overnight antagonist. Everybody thinks that cholesterol is bad.

Cholesterol is not entirely destructive to one’s system. It is even required in the production of bile salts in our body. Plus, it helps keep our hormones balanced and it gives our system Vitamin D. It can only do you harm if you have a very high level of cholesterol and your arteries are already blocked because of it. This disrupts your circulation of blood and your heart may stop beating.

Cholesterol falls under two categories: the positive and the negative. The negative type is called the LDL. This is the one responsible for blocking the arteries. It can be found in trans fatty and saturated fats. Foods which have this harmful element are the usual canned goods and potato snacks.

The positive type is the HDL. It can reduce your cholesterol level by bringing the cholesterol in the arteries to your liver where your body can release it. This element is in the components of seafood like fish and in small nuts.

If you desire to reduce the level of your LDL, it is suggested for you to take various fruits since it has a high level of fiber. Legumes, cereals and oats also have the fiber you need to keep you from having any heart attack.

What causes a cholesterol level to rise?

Contrary to popular opinion, it is not just the diet that should be taken into consideration when dealing with high cholesterol levels. There are actually a lot of factors that affect the condition. One of these is the age and the gender. Older people are more affected by increased levels of cholesterol because of their bodies’ slowing processes. Another factor is the level of physical activity. Exercise can actually help in lowering down of LDL cholesterol. Also, it can help in strengthening the body and in toning the muscles.

Fight against high cholesterol level!

The steps stated earlier can be your guide in cutting down your cholesterol level. All you need to have is determination, a strict food diet and a daily physical routine to follow. This is everything you need to do to fight against high cholesterol level.

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