The marriage of red wine and oak

Our minds pair words so wonderfully, based on past experiences. Take the word “barrel” as an example; it generally conjures up an image of “wine”, to drinkers and non-drinkers alike. The drinkers will surely prefer to refine it as the marriage of red wine and oak barrels. Right now we’ll discover this association: its origin, procedures and jargon.

Traditionally, red wine was kept within the tight-grained wood of oak barrels, which prevented leakage, to a huge extent. It was purely a matter of likelihood that this wood was located to have an impact on the top quality of the wine. The truth is, diverse forms of oak impacted it differently.

The majority with the world’s oak trees are grown in France and North America. French oak wood, with its tight-grained structure, adds mild tones of spices – cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, allspice – along with a small of vanilla, towards the effect with the red wine on the nose and palate. American wide-grained oak adds, furthermore to these spices, a bigger percentage of sweet vanilla, coconut, and in some cases, butter.

Oak is usually a porous wood; the red wine stored inside such a barrel might be exposed to a little quantity of air, without having actually leaking out. Oxygen softens the tannins from the oak, generating it feel lighter on the palate. The water component evaporates over time, and also the quantity stored inside the barrel reduces by nearly 8.5%, leaving a red wine using a heightened smell, taste clarity as well as a deepened color.

You will find a lot of variables in matching the category of red wine to the oak barrel: the region the fruit came from and also the climate at the time in the batch), the age in the oak, the length of its seasoning, the degree of toasting, the vintner’s selection to use the oak barrel for fermentation or aging, to name a couple of.

Barrels are produced by heating joined oak pieces known as staves over a fire, to acquire the roundedness. This can cause a charring on the inside in the barrel, which in technical winery terms is “toasting”; now you understand why you may have tasted a slight smokiness within your red wine, a fruit-based drink. Many people prefer the natural flavor of unoaked or “naked” wine, but connoisseurs will never ever agree with what they snootily call the “commoner’s view”.

This second large amount of persons also knows the worth of a new oak barrel. The longer the oak wood stays in contact using the wine, the much less helpful it becomes for future batches. Extra importantly, yeast and bacteria would in all probability develop inside such barrels, damaging your precious red wine. It’s apparent that older oak barrels are more affordable, and therefore, used by small-scale and novice vintners; a fantastic tip for them could be to buy somewhat new barrels discarded by their high-quality counterparts just after a single use.

These small-scale producers of wine may also dip fairly less expensive oak chips within the wine container, soon after wrapping them inside a cloth; stacking of oak staves is also a typical practice. These types of oaking benefit from additional oak surface location coming in make contact with with the wine, and quicker outcomes. Faster isn’t constantly better; they’re able to never ever realize a wine high quality anywhere close to the top-notch classics.

So you see, the title of this post is apt in much more strategies than one particular. Not only does a very good red wine, employing the correctly matched oak, give you a heady, intoxicating feeling just after a number of sips, but you also will need to work with your head to master the art, science and business enterprise of wine-making.

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