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Anyone who has ever attempted to shed some weight knows that it may be easy to put on weight but its really tough to lose it.. You must be actually targeted and determined to get rid of the surplus fat in your body. To make the goal even more difficult to achieve, there are 1 hundred and one dieting plans available on the web in magazines and newspaper articles that make choosing the best diet plan for you just about impossible.

The smart thing to do is to get all of the information you can and go for the best diet plan that has given the most satisfactory results to the the great majority of people. One of the best diet plans to became famous in the recent past is The South Beach Diet developed by a heart surgeon Arthur Agatson and followed by celebrities like Jessica Simpson and Bill Clinton. As per Dr. Agatson,” it isn't just a diet but a way of eating for life”.

There are three stages in this diet. In the 1st stage you cut out the bulk of carbs from your diet. The second stage involves introducing healthy carbohydrates and fats, as a diet without healthy carbohydrates and fats isn’t good for long term health. The 3rd stage is all about maintaining a good diet with supporters being inspired to select whole grains, lean protein sources, fruit and vegetables.

Another diet fairly popular these days,especially among stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, is The Doctor Atkins Diet created by Dr. Robert Atkins that inspires followers to eat less carbohydrates and more protein. In this diet carbohydrates are constrained to change the metabolic rate of the body from burning glucose and burning stored subcutaneous fat. If you are the kind of person who loves foods like chicken, fish and eggs, this is the best diet for you.

If,however, you do not need to do sit-ups and still get a flat belly and a hot shape then, The Flat Belly Diet is the best diet for you. This four week eating plan has 3 basic guidelines. First off you eat 1600 kilojoules per meal. Secondly you don't go more than 4 hours without eating and lastly you've got to eat a monosaturated greasy acid at every meal. Coffee and alcohol are banned in this diet but with chocolate, cheese and pizza included in the diet, it is the simplest and best diet one ever heard about.

But before choosing any of these three diets you need to remember the best diet for you is the one which makes you not just hot but also healthy.

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