The Best Weight Loss Exercise

A number of things are frequently recommended if you want to attain a healthy weight loss. One of the most vital of these is a healthy exercise program & interval training is one of the best for consuming fat.

The reason it is so good is that tests have conclusively shown that not only do you burn off fat while you are exercising but it starts a process which continues burning fat for hours after you’ve finished even if you’re just lying down.

Another good thing about it is you can use it with many differing types of exercise so you can alter the programme so it does not get too dull. You can use it with running, cycling, boxing a punch bag, dancing, calisthenics, gym exercise routines & more. It also does not take much time to do.

Here’s how it goes. The concept is to do short spurts of intense exercise for a couple of minutes followed by 2 minutes of rest then repeat about three times.

Let’s use the example of running. You run hard for about two minutes (this could change dependent on your age & fitness but the fitter you are the harder you can push it so it may still be about 2 minutes) till you are breathing fairly hard & your heart is pumping. Then you walk in a leisurely fashion for approximately two minutes until your breathing returns to normal.

Next you run hard again, this time a bit harder for probably a little less than 2 minutes until you are puffing again then walk at a relaxed pace until your breathing calms down.

The following 2 periods of exercise are the same only a bit more intense for a little less time. If you are cycling then pedal quickly then just coast along. If you’re hitting a punching bag, hit it fast & hard then walk around for a bit. Just apply this principle to whatever type of exercise you choose.

If you choose different sorts of exercise for different weeks or days you not only eliminate boredom but you exercise different groups of muscles in other ways which is a big help for your overall fitness.

Many individuals have benefited & seen good results from doing this 3 times per week & you can to.

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