Such A Deal – Black Yoga Mat Critique

I may actually buy another one as it doesn’t cover enough area for a full workout but I knew that when I bought it. Being a hard core yoga student, (I practice for an hour every day) I’ve had a number of yoga mats over the years but never one as good as this. Love it and Save money here. Simply the best mat I have ever practiced on.

It did have a bit of a smell when I first opened it but that has disappeared completely now just through normal daily use. Most of the other mats I’ve used over the years from other companies have also had some sort of “new mat smell” (Hugger Mugger, Wai Lana, Gaiam, even a “Bally” my first mat before I knew anything about yoga).

The mat feels like a concrete foundation, as it supports you in any pose you can throw at it. Not to mention it looks and feels like it will live forever. I’ve had mine for over a year now and it’s still going strong–quite sticky (for me, although I’ve let others borrow it and they slide around) and provides a firm surface for asanas even on wall-to-wall carpet. I practice the ashtanga full primary series four to six times a week, and every couple of weeks I take my mat in the shower and gently scrub it with a soapy tile/grout sponge I bought at a hardware store, and I’ve never had any problems slipping on it. A note on the product information sleeve mentioned that there is a slight film on the mat. I don’t sweat very easily, and it happened only every so often so I think it may have been the oils in my hands.

I have been practicing power yoga 4-5 times per week for over a year. After mats repeatedly wore out on me, my instructor recommended the Manduka mat.

It doesn’t smell either. My hands and feet sweat a lot and this mat holds me in place.

In the meantime, I am practicing on another mat because I could no longer take compromising my practice. When I use the mat, I actually lay a strap on the top of the mat so I have something to grip and ground down into. I purchased the mat because Amazon gave a discount on a first purchase. That was my justification. I have been taking more Hot Yoga classes lately and wanted to upgrade my $10 yoga mat that I had been using for years. I always slipped on my old mat because of the excessive sweat and humidity in these classes. Surely I have spent well over $100 and have not had any return on that investment. The Manduka is different, I believe the claims that it too will last for years. It truly is top quality, and I think it’ll hold up for many years to come. I did have to purchase a new carrying bag to accommodate the longer length.

After spending months borrowing my wife’s Gaiam yoga mat, she surprised me with the Manduka BlackMatPRO for my birthday. When the hefty box arrived from Amazon, I knew immediately this mat was unlike any other mat.

I have no complaints about the mat – the smell isn’t too bad, and I leave the mat at the shala so I don’t carry it around. I have no problems recommending this to all my friends.

I can really feel the difference between how good yoga feels on this Manduka mat than on the other cheap mats I had before. SMALL RECLINER.