Strong As A Police Officer: 4 Simple Exercises That You Need To Master If You Want To Become A Cop In Spain

Becoming a police officer is not easy. The requirements vary from country to country, but they usually involve a written test and a physical test. In this article I will go over the exercises that police officer candidates in Spain have to complete to be allowed in the police academy.

The Spanish cop physical test involves 4 exercises. Contestants receive a score from 0 to 10 in each exercise subject to their performance, and the final score is the average of the sum of all the scores. A score of 0 in any of the 4 exercises totally disqualifies an aspirant, in addition to a minimum of 5 is required to pass, although that small score is not going to get you a job.

Exercise #1 is an agility circuit. Applicants have to prove their agility by completing a course containing cones and hurdles within the fastest time possible. Pulling down any of the cones or hurdles results in a null try. Should that happen, the aspirant will be given an extra attempt. Completing the course in 8.2 seconds or less is a 10, while using 11.7 seconds or over is a 0.

Exercise #2 is doing pull-ups. Despite the fact pull-ups are one of the most basic exercises these days, they are as well one of the most difficult ones. A lot of the candidates are unable to complete a single pull-up before they start training for the cop physical examination. In this exercise, the police aspirants have only one try to do as many pull-ups as possible. Palms have to be facing front, chin has to go over the bar and no balancing is permitted. 17 or more pull-ups are a 10, while 3 or fewer are a 0.

Exercise 3 is vertical jump. Coming from the starting position, close to a vertical wall with one of his arms completely extended upwards, aspirants mark up to where they are able to reach in this position. Then they jump as high as they are able to and mark just as before the place where they got. When flexing the legs to get up speed, they can not lift the hills away from the ground. Jumping 76 cm or more is a 10, while jumping 43 cm or less is a 0. There is only one try for this exercise.

Exercise 4 is a 2K run. In the last exercise, aspirants are tested for resistance by running during 2 kilometers on a flat and hard track. There’s a single try and the required times are really demanding: 6′ 30” for a 10, and 8′ 45” to get a 0.

This was an overview of the physical exercises that police officer contestants are required to master in Spain. As you have seen, they can be pretty complete and they require significantly different skills like speed, strength or resistance. Having the ability to to achieve success in all of them means you’re in an excellent shape. Would you say that, with your current training level, you would be able to complete each of the 4 exercises? Are you as fit as a Spanish policeman? Tell us in the comments page!

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