So Far So Good – Sticky Yoga Mat Critique

I am very happy with this mat. It is thick enough to use alone. Simply alternate the direction you roll your mat (top outside once, then bottom outside next) or the end you start from (curled end once, flat end next time) and you’ll find it straightening out more or less over time. I recommend buying your own yoga mat even if your yoga studio or gym provides them for you.

My yoga instructor says this is the only mat to get. I have been taking yoga for 5 years, but I am still at the beginning level and have been using a cheap mat.

It also stays in one place and never wrinkles during my practice. Although, at the end of the day.

In the past I have purchased the cheaper $15 – $20 mats and there is a definite difference. This mat stays in place on the floor and does not bunch up. I love this mat and would buy it again in a heartbeat but I won’t need to ’cause this thing will still be around after I’m long gone! A yoga instructor I work with raves about Manduka and – after two years of ignoring her – I finally bought one. I don’t understand some of the lower ratings complaining about the surface being slippery – I NEVER experienced that problem. My only complaint is the price. I’ve washed it with mat cleaner several times, and tried a sea salt scrub. When I took this mat to class, I couldn’t even hold warrior 1 without slipping all over the place. Mats that are about one third as thick as this one (1/16″) are good for travel or placing under a thicker mat to provide more traction. The average mats are about 1/8.” The only con is that this is a heavy mat, but if you know that when you’re purchasing (and you should since it’s listed above) it’s no surprise. I wouldn’t recommend schlepping this bad boy back and forth if you’re walking far to your yoga studio!

Surely I have spent well over $100 and have not had any return on that investment. The Manduka is different, I believe the claims that it too will last for years.

My memory hadn’t failed me. Worth the extra money, my first Manduka took a beating. Once I plant my hands for downward-dog, they stay there. I washed the mat twice when I first got it with a sponge and mild dishwashing detergent (which is probably a huge no-no, but oh well).

I definitely recommend the Manduka mat to those interested in yoga. I’m a beginner in the yoga world, but this is clearly a top-notch company and product.

Best yoga purchase ever! LANDSCAPING BLOCKS.