Simple Fitness Tips To Help You Reach Your Goals

When you are just starting out, setting fitness goals is pretty easy. Following through and achieving them however, takes a lot of perseverance and hard work. If you are a beginner and new to the whole fitness idea, there are some simple tips that you can follow to help you reach your goals.

Start by writing down what your fitness goals are, and the steps that you are planning to take to be able to reach them. Keep track of your progress and effort. This helps to not only show you your incremental success, but also holds you personally accountable. Having everything written down helps you to identify what your strengths and weaknesses are, and where you need to make changes.

Keeping a journal so you can write down your thoughts as you go through your fitness journey can help to be motivating, inspiring, and also therapeutic. Having positive moments to look back on can be very motivational when you are in a slump. Your attitude is a very important part in helping you to reach your goals.

Try to build yourself up slowly. If you try to change everything all at once in your lifestyle such as your food choices, lifting weights, and adding cardio, it can become extremely overwhelming. If it is too overwhelming, you are likely to give up and not continue toward your goals.

Allow yourself to mentally and physically adjust to a few changes at a time. As you change little things one at a time, they start to become part of your new lifestyle as well as become good habits that you will continue to do for the rest of your life. This helps to provide you with a feeling of continued success.

Be sure to allow yourself a “cheat” day. If you miss one workout or if you eat a cheeseburger that you have not had in a month, it is not the end of the world. Allow yourself to make small mistakes, and as you progress toward your goal, those mistakes will become less and less.

Educate yourself as much as you can about fitness and nutrition. The more that you learn, the more information and tools you will have to draw from and implement into your new lifestyle. There are many sources of information available and you may become surprised and inspired with the new knowledge that you learn.

Try to stay focused. It is very easy to become distracted with daily responsibilities, stress, and business. Planning ahead for these distractions will allow you to be mentally ready for when they happen. Working out will actually help to relieve the stress and frazzled feeling that you have on these days.

When you have reached your short-term fitness goals, you can then set new goals. You may choose to bring your fitness to the next level, or you may simply maintain the level that you have reached. Either way, you worked really hard to get there so be sure not to fall back into old habits.

Reaching My Fitness Goals

I’ve always been fat but I never really felt fat. In my mind, I was just temporary being held captive by a body that didn’t really represent how I felt inside. It’s been 34 years of feeling like this and I finally give in, I am just another fat person who lacks the motivation and discipline to lose weight. I’ve tried so many diets and have started so many health kicks but I always quit. My biggest issue is that I am not consistent in my efforts. I might go a week then I won’t exercise again.

I bet this is a problem that most fat people have. We can’t reach our fitness goals because we aren’t consistent in our efforts. The average fat person has a wealth of information on losing weight but they can never consistently put it into action. I probably know more about fitness than the average personal trainer. If I could ever become discipline, I could lose all this ugly weight that I’ve been carrying around for more than 30 years. I am so ready to get rid of it. It holds me down and it makes me feels sick.

Being fat has really ruined my life. It has caused me to never have a girlfriend. Yes, I have kissed women and have had sex but I have never had a girlfriend. I’ve never wanted to date women in my league and I don’t want a fat girl. Most of the women I want don’t want me so I rather stay alone. There have been a few times when an attractive girl has liked me but I never pursued it because I didn’t think I was worthy. It’s hard trying to start or be in a relationship when you feel bad about yourself.

I wonder how common is my experience: people avoiding relationships because they feel ashamed of who they are. I don’t even have any pictures on facebook because I hate what I look like. The only picture I have is a picture of my face. I have had girls who like my face pics on social media ask for more pics. Imagine how much of a loser I feel like when that happens. It happens much more than I like and it has been an ongoing problem for too many year. I am ready to make a change.

Do you see why I must lose weight and improve my fitness? I haven’t even lived a complete life. There are 15 year old’s with more dating experience with me. I feel like I’ve missed out on all the things that people experienced as teenagers and as colleges students. I am stuck with this life and with this body until I can find the discipline to force myself to do the right things. I know that these posts are suppose to be motivated but I don’t care this is my horrible life and I know others share the same experience that I have.

Post-Partum Fitness: Getting Your Body Back

Nothing brings more joy than the birth of a new baby. But sometimes for new moms, that joy is dampened when we look at the post-partum aftermath that is our belly.


Yep, that’s our saggy, flabby belly down there. How the heck did that happen? We ate right, we went for walks, we did pre-natal yoga, but darn it, things are not looking good below the belly button! It’s time to get that post-partum belly back into shape. Fear not! It can be done.


First, make sure that you know what kind of exercise your doctor says is appropriate for you, and when you should resume any fitness activity. Don’t try to push yourself—let your doctor be the guide, but listen to your body as well. If you’re recovering from a cesarean section delivery, you’ll have more restrictions and a longer recovery guide—do not mess around with that. You want to make sure you are fully recovered and have your doctor’s approval before you start any exercise.


Once you’re ready and have the “all clear” from your doctor, start slow and steady. Try to do a little bit of something every day, or at least on most days. Some moms struggle with post-partum depression, and a little exercise can ease those feelings. Plus it’s good for the baby to get fresh air, if the weather is nice.


Walking is a great choice in the beginning, taking it easy at first, then increasing a little each day. For those who were already in good shape and had an easy birth and recovery, you may be able to jump right back into the milder exercises you used to take part in.


The big obstacle to post-partum fitness is that you now have a little one to care for, and not everyone has a nanny or a granny to help take care of the baby while they exercise. So finding ways to exercise while you watch over your baby is key.


Exercising at home while the baby naps is ideal. If you have weights or a home gym, you’re in luck. If not, try exercise videos, using a rebounder (mini trampoline), a jump rope, or a fitness ball. Walking up and down the stairs is an option, or even jogging around the house, if there is enough room, is a possibility. Dancing in the kitchen while you prepare meals is a great way to slip in a little calorie burning as well.


Once your baby is old enough, you can go to a gym—many gyms have childcare, some for as little as $1.50 an hour. Or you could join a mommy-and-me exercise group that meets to go on walks or light runs, with the babies in jogging strollers. Don’t worry if you have two or even three little children—they make jogging strollers for up to three children that are 50 pounds and under!


Sit-ups, stretches, and weight-bearing exercises can easily be done in the home. Yoga and Pilates are also great for toning, and can be done with exercise videos or by going to classes.


Regaining your fitness may be a little more challenging after having a baby, but with time and some dedication, you may be able to say “bye-bye” to that post-baby belly!

Planning a Career in Physical Fitness

Men and women are becoming more conscious about their health and physical fitness. Because of that, starting a career in the fitness industry is a great way to take advantage of the popularity of fitness-minded individuals. The career opportunities are expanding every day, for individuals that are highly motivated.

Beginning a Fitness Career

The initial step in launching a career in fitness is choosing a specific path. You might choose to become a trainer for college athletes, work as a personal trainer, or take a coaching position at a high school or university.

The Requirements

Nearly every type of career involving fitness will have its own set of requirements that the individual must fulfill to attain a high position in the field. Most facilities that offer fitness training will require that their in-house personal trainers undergo specific certification programs and training. High-level fitness facilities often require that the individual obtain a bachelor’s degree in sports medicine, kinesiology or other fitness related field.

When seeking a job in the fitness world, most careers will list a specific set of prerequisites that the individual must have including formal training, experience and education. However, some of these requirements can be obtained along the way, as a way to round out an existing career.

Taking the Steps

After choosing a desired field in the fitness industry, it is time to start the process of obtaining the qualifications necessary for the job. This could include the need to enroll in college level courses or degree programs. The individual could also sign up for certification courses or take an entry level job that is directly related to their choice of careers. As an example, fitness instructors typically must be fully certified in CPR. Fulfilling this obligation is a simple process, which can be performed in one day.

Finding Open Jobs

Once all the pre-requisites for the job have been obtained, the individual can begin seeking out the ideal career in their chosen field. They will need to consider the location of the job, and whether it is in a part of town that ideally suits where they want to work and live. Additional considerations include the salary provided along with any benefits associated with the job. Before accepting the position, the individual should thoroughly understand the work environment, and the hours that will be involved.

At first, the individual may need to settle for a position that might be slightly lower than what they expected when starting a career in fitness. Therefore, it is always best to seek out a variety of opportunities before choosing the right job.

Applying for the Position

When making an application for a specific position in the field of fitness, the individual should include a cover letter with their professional resume. The document should detail exactly the level of experience, certifications and education the individual has acquired, so the hiring individual can see if they have the qualifications for the position.

A career in fitness can be a rewarding occupation. Becoming a personal trainer or taking a coaching position requires extensive motivational skills along with the ability to stay focused and task-oriented.

Physical Fitness: More Than Just Skin Deep!

Many people these days are striving to become physically fit. And those who aren’t are dreaming of it! It is clear that most people associate physical fitness with looking better, and having a better physique. However, there are many, some more important, factors that make physical fitness an important goal for every individual to achieve. Below, you will find some advantages to becoming more fit that you may not have thought of.

Weight Control

If you need to lose a few pounds, exercising for physical fitness could help you shed them without much change to your diet. Of course, it is important for everyone to avoid sugar, sweets and white breads, pasta and flour. But, if you maintain a moderate diet and proper nutrition, exercise will help you lose unwanted pounds as you get fit.

Improve Your Mood

If you are feeling moody, or stressed out, a brisk walk, or quick workout might be just what you need. Physical activity helps to release certain chemicals in the brain that can help you to feel happier, more relaxed and stress-free. And becoming physically fit can give your self-esteem a boost as you become happier with your appearance.

Combating Disease and Sickness

We all know that exercise and fitness go together to keep us healthier, and less susceptible to certain diseases and disorders. The most common include: heart disease, stroke and diabetes. However, there are several other conditions that physical fitness can help to combat, such as improving “good” cholesterol levels, decreasing triglycerides, reducing the risks of metabolic syndrome, cancer, depression and arthritis. These are some great benefits to getting fit!

Energy Boost

Do you lack energy, or feel tired all the time? Do you get winded walking around the block, or up a flight of stairs? You may not be overweight, but a lack of exercise can leave you low on energy, making everyday activities seem like a burden. Exercise delivers oxygen and important nutrients to the tissues of the body, and keeps the cardiovascular system running smoothly and more efficiently. And, when the heart and lungs are healthy, the body has more energy to do its job.

It’s a No-Brainer

Physical fitness can boost your brain power. It can enhance your mental state by reducing stress, anxiety, depression and anger. But, physical activity also increases the flow of oxygen, directly affecting your brain. Memory, and mental acuity, can be enhanced by exercise and being physically fit.

Longer Life

Did you know that for every hour of physical exercise you do, you gain about two hours of additional life expectancy? And, this works for people who do not begin exercising until middle age! As little as a thirty-minute brisk walk is enough to offer this benefit.

As you can see, there are many benefits to becoming physically fit than just improving your looks. Why not see for yourself? Get up off that couch, and find ways to add fitness goals to your daily routine. You will be amazed at the impact it will make on your life!

Obesity Is A Huge Problem

Today, throughout most of the Western world there is a huge problem. No pun intended but the problem has to do with obesity. Obesity in many countries has reached epidemic proportions. The reason is quite simple. Many people today are overweight either because of what they are eating or because they do not have a regular exercise program. One of the main reasons for this is that it is just not easy for many to lose weight because of their busy lifestyle. So what can a person do? How can they lose weight and keep up with their busy lifestyle at the same time?

Many want to lose weight, but they simply do not know where to turn for the answers. Maybe they need to only lose a few pounds. Or could it be a larger project and they must lose a lot of weight. Where do you start? Where do you begin? A good place to start off is by going to the Internet. There is so much information on the Internet today that it is mind-boggling, confusing and you just don’t know which information is true or false. Well let’s see if we can get you started in the right direction.

First of all we need to understand why do we want to shed some pounds? For many it is because they are concerned about their health. Before being obese becomes a major health issue in your life you need to make a plan. You need to revise your food intake, your exercise routine, and your attitude. It’s time to stop struggling with those constant diets that are here today and gone tomorrow. It is time to stop trying to lose weight from those fad diets and exercise products that so many people are trusting in. You have been to the gym, you have tried every type of diet, you have bought every piece of equipment that promotes losing weight in an easy manner and still you cannot keep the weight off.

If you consider yourself to be overweight then the effects can be devastating on both your mental and physical health. It will affect your confidence and how you react with others. It can cause your self-esteem to tumble lower and lower. You never like to go shopping because all of the clothing that you want to buy makes you feel fat. Everything that you’re wearing everything seems to be uncomfortably tight. You constantly avoid taking vacations to tropical places because of the chance that you may be required to wear a bathing suit. You cringe if someone suggests that you have your photograph taken. It is frustrating because you feel lost with nowhere to turn for help. What can you do?

The bottom line is that you need a plan. You need a plan and someone to motivate you to lose weight and keep it off. You will have to make a decision on what proven weight loss program best suits your lifestyle. If you have a busy lifestyle, eat too much and have very little time to go to the gym, then you too are part of this huge problem.

My Journey To Physical Fitness

At five feet, four inches, and 386 pounds, I was not the picture of health or fitness. Sure, I had had four children over eleven years, and gained plenty of weight with each, but that wasn’t my only problem. I also ate way too much, and exercised way too little. Plain and simple. I knew my life was in danger if I didn’t get my weight under control, and get more physically fit. Below, you will find the plan I used to lose 140 pounds over a two-year period.

The Mindset

After you have been in the habit of slothful eating and living for over ten years, it takes a new mindset before you can commit to making necessary changes. I decided what needed to be done, and over the following week, I prepared mentally for what I was about to embark on. I studied nutrition, planned a new way of eating, prepared my kitchen by throwing out the old, and bringing in the new. When I was done, I felt excited about what lay ahead.

Exercise Essentials

After doing some research about fitness and exercise, I agreed that walking would be a good starting point for someone as heavy as I was. At first, I could barely trudge down the street in my neighborhood, but after a week, I was able to walk, if slowly, all the way around the block. This was a huge accomplishment for me!

Eating to Live

I had to get to a place in my life where I could eat to live, and not live to eat. Yes, it’s a cliche we’ve all heard many times, but it is the truth. I had been living each day, planning what I would eat next, choosing what sweets I would save for the end of the day, and eating fast food whenever I wanted. I would now try my best to eat in order to stay alive. Of course I would eat food I enjoyed, but only what my body needed, and no more.

My Personal Food Plan

I think we can all agree that diets don’t work. Most of us have fallen for the fad diet schemes, omitting entire food groups, such as carbs and fats. I wanted a well-rounded diet that would make me healthier, while providing my body with proper nutrition. After some searching, I decided that a Mediterranean-style diet sounded like something I could stick to. My version included a very large amount of veggies and salads. I roasted every vegetable I could find. I ate a moderate amount of fruit, small amounts of lean protein and fish and replaced a lot of my protein with beans, lentils, and other legumes. For snacks, I ate small amounts of nuts, seeds and fat-free Greek yogurt with berries. I began to lose weight immediately.

Expanding the Workout Routine

After about two months, I had lost about thirty pounds. Then, I was able to begin working out at a local gym, using the cardio machines, and lifting some weights. I was starting to firm up in places I couldn’t believe.

My Continuing Journey

I am not done with my journey. I still need to lose another hundred pounds or so. It may sound daunting to others, but to me, it’s just living life in a new way, feeling better and losing weight as a result of that. I know it will happen!

Kids Fitness – Do You Give It The Importance It Deserves?

We all want our children to reach their full ability, to have a good future ahead of them. So that’s why we encourage them to work hard at school, to take their time and give of their best with their homework.

We help them to develop and improve their skills in maths, reading, writing, and speaking. Sometimes though, are we forgetting about something else that will play a vital role in their having an enjoyable future? Their fitness!

When kids are young, they tend to be pretty active without thinking about it, infact most of us wish we could have a fraction of their energy! Yet as your child grows up, that desire for physical activity can decrease rapidly, suddenly your hyperactive toddler is a teenager who wants to stay in their room all day! So what can you do to help your child learn from an early age that fitness is not only fun, but for their own good? Let’s find out!

Recognise The Benefits Of Fitness For Children

This will give you the drive to keep pushing an active life for your child. Kids have an indescribable ability to know when you are saying something because you really believe it, and when you are saying because you think you have to! Educate yourself on the benefits of fitness for kids, and your enthusiasm and sincerity will be more than obvious. So what are the benefits? Here are just a few:

– Improves self-esteem and confidence

– Lowers blood pressure and reduces heart disease risk

– Increases mental alertness

– Builds strength in joints, working to prevent problems in later life

– Improves sleep and general health

– Promotes a sense of self-discipline and good work ethic

– Can improve communication and social skills

Teach By Example

As busy as your schedule may be, make sure that you have scheduled time for your own fitness, whether this includes the kids or is something you make time for yourself. Talk to your children about how much you enjoyed your swim, walk, fitness class. Let them know how important it is to you to keep fitness in your schedule.

Make Fitness Fun

None of us like to do something that is boring, children especially struggle in such situations! Fitness certainly doesn’t have to be boring, infact it can be lots of fun and can work to build relationships in the family aswell as spending quality time together. Why not arrange for a weekly swim session as a family, or an outdoor game at the park? Make sure you keep it regular, if the weather is too bad to go outdoors, then do something indoors.

Don’t forget to encourage other activities that your children can participate in whether it be a dance class after school or walking the pet dog. Hep them to view their Physical Education (PE Class) at school is an important part of the school timetable.

So next time your child wants to go play outside after school, perhaps you won’t be so quick to refuse their request? After all the enjoyable and healthy future for our kids can depend much on their learning the importance of fitness from an early age.

Keys to Fitness

Imagine working your guts out to lose all of your weight, being at the most ideal weight point you have ever experienced, and then just gaining it all back! Horrible right? Believe it or not there are a lot of people out there who have experienced this exact same thing. Not only that, but they lose all the weight, and then not only gain it back, but gain back even more!

So why is this the case? There seems to be a lot of misinterpretations when it comes to fitness. Here are some essential keys to staying fit:


Consistency is possibly the biggest key to keeping weight off and achieving optimal health. A big misconception is that once you lose weight you can stop working out and still stay at the same weight. This is a HUGE no no! Not only will you gain all your weight back but you will gain back more then what you started with.

Human beings are meant to be active physically every day. This does not mean that you need to run a marathon every day or hike Mount Everest! In fact, that could be very detrimental to your body. Mixing up your workouts daily, no matter what the intensity, is what will help reach optimal health. Just make sure that you are doing something physically active every day whether taking a walk, swimming, or even dancing.

Eating Habits-

Almost every fitness trainer in the world will tell you that this is the most important aspect to losing weight. Almost 80% of weight loss is attributed to proper diet. Remember, you are what you eat. If you eat a bowl of cookie dough, plan on looking like one. A proper diet is a lifelong commitment if you want to stay at your dream weight.

It is another misconception that this is the hardest part. When I refer to diet, I’m not saying that you should stick to salads every day. In fact, if you don’t indulge every once in a while you are more likely to binge and eat too much. Not only that but if you are eating healthy there is a better chance that you won’t crave your “used to be favorite” treats as often as you used to. If your body has all of the nutrition it needs, you won’t experience cravings as much. It’s a win-win process!


Recovery can be incredibly important when it comes to long term weight loss. Getting plenty of sleep and stretching time in is what will help you reach your goals. The human body is an incredible machine, during sleep it is actually hard at work repairing all of those muscles you’ve spent time working on. For example, if you are a weight lifter, recovery time is key. If you don’t give your body time to recover you won’t build muscle. This is also a win-win process.

Love What You Do-

The best way to motivate yourself when it comes to fitness is to love what you are doing. Find a physical activity that you love like swimming, or dancing and just go wild with it!

Keeping Track of Your Fitness and Health Goals

Each day, individuals make a vow to themselves that they’re finally going to get in better shape, and need quality food. They make this choice because they have decided to improve their general health. Individuals often tend to make a quiet commitment in their head, and usually do not tell anyone as an effective tool to keep them on track. However, to be more successful, it’s important to write down goals that state clearly exactly what to do to lose weight and become physically fit.

Writing Down the Goals

Before beginning any type of workout regimen or change in diet, it’s important to write down goals. Create an actual “to do” list so you will have something to look at every day. This will serve as an important reminder of exactly what you’re going to do to achieve your ultimate goal of being physically fit and healthier.

Creating and following along with the “to do” list might appear to be a simple act, but it can be an effective tool that is used to reinforce your goals. One of the components on the list should include affirmations, which will provide the right type of motivation you’ll need to keep yourself accountable until you reach the goal.

The Weigh In

One of the easiest tools to stay on track to maintain physical fitness or get healthy is to weigh yourself every day. This effective tool can be discouraging at first, when you realize exactly how much weight you need to lose. However, there are simple steps that can avoid the depressing feeling that you have a long way to go.

On day one, simply weigh yourself and write it down to begin your weekly log. Recognize that as your body loses weight, it tends to hold onto water. There may be times during the week where you may weigh more on one date and you did the day before, even though you ate right and exercise routinely. Over the course of one week your log should indicate that you’ve lost a significant amount of weight, maybe one or 2 pounds of undesired body fat.

Part of the weighing in process requires that it is done the same way every day. Be consistent during way in time. If you wear shoes when weighing in, make sure you wear the same shoes every day. If you weigh yourself just after stepping out of the shower, do so every day.

Feeling Better

At some point along the way you’re going to feel struggled and want to turn back. However, your health and fitness goals should be strong enough to keep you pointed toward your goals. Realize that as your appearance change, you begin having significantly more energy, with better thoughts and emotions.

The transformation to living a healthier lifestyle takes time. Remember that you did not put on your excess weight and become out of shape in just a single day. Getting back on track and healthier again will take a little longer than you hope. However with determination to reach your goals of being physically fit you will get there in no time.