Moroccan Tagine Meal And Mint Tea For Housewarming Party

You recently moved in, unpacked, decorated and so you want to show off your brand-new spot to your family members and bask in compliments and those wonderful oohs and aahs. You will need a nice house warming party idea to go with your brand-new place as well as your brand new you.

How about a Moroccan Chicken Tagine Meal along with the all the bells and whitles? Imagine! Peppermint tea, exotic flavors, wax luminaries, a little belly dancing entertainment, extraordinary, original and elegant! Roll up the sleeves and lets take action!!

Just a little intro to Moroccan tagines:

Moroccan food is unique, healthier, delicious and also synonym of complexity. The primary appeal of a Moroccan meal is the Tagine. A Tagine is both the conical shaped clay-based pot and the entre itself that often consists in a chicken, lamb or beef stew along with one or more vegetables.

The dish: Cocktails, Kalamata Olives, cheeses and beef kabobs, as snacks, are a great way to start out your evening, accompanied by an eggplant salad. Use some hot pita bread for both the salad as well as the entre. Now, comes the actual attraction, the famous Tagine.

Even though there’re difficult to find, Tagines have grown to be more popular. Authentic Tagines are mainly made in Morocco and also out of clay and never stainless steel.

Cooking food in clay improves the taste throughout the cooking process. Make sure the Tagines are free of lead and safe to cook as many out there in the market place contain lead and therefore represent a health hazard. For a gathering greater than 4 people use the Tagine to serve and also present instead of cooking in it unless you possess more than one.

Be sure you keep the dinner a secret at all times before you reveal the lid table side or as a core piece. If you want to be daring and still have fun make every one of your visitors eat with the pita bread and also their fingers (there is Moroccan manners for hand eating as well).

Tanya Kurgen is a part time writer and also enjoy writing about tagine and other various topics.