Learn Lose Weight For Women

In carrying excess fat, women are more prone compared to men and this is all because women undergo reproduction. To prepare in the nurturing stage of a baby the woman’s body is being ready. But how much is too much fat?

Other people enjoy running but unlike me, I find it not fun to do and I mainly did it as my way of exercise. So now I know what the problem was. It was the choice of the food I am eating. I learned that whatever my physical activity I will use without the right foods to eat, it won’t be effective. What foods are not right?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that is what we usually here, and another one is that big is beautiful but hey, we cannot keep the truth. A person who is really very overweight is not beautiful and certainly not healthy at all. Women who are overweight in western cultures are about 50% of their numbers that being overweight is now a threat to their health. A list is shown below to some health conditions that can be the reason when you carry excess fats:

*Heart failure – the heart muscles becomes thickened therefore the heart cannot pump enough blood to other organs of the body and there is also increase in the size of the heart

*Missed periods, heavy bleeding and pain due to menstrual disorders. *Fats are accumulated in the liver which will cause inflammation and will lead to liver cirrhosis sooner or later. *When bile hardens into pieces of stone-like mater they are called gallstones. *The body’s ability to maintain normal blood glucose level failed then diabetes occurs. New generation has an increased in the number of diseases what do you think is the reason for this? Compared to adults, children carry excess fats and are more overweight. Because of our busy lifestyles we tend to eat more on takeout foods and pick the wrong choices of foods can build up into a habit that will let our body crave for the wrong food and becomes a major contributing factor. And now, our life’s become more sedentary. Children nowadays spend too much time in front of the TV, computer or playing video games instead of playing outdoors.

Eating of too much wrong food and without exercise of the body of a child is just storing fat and not burning them. When children are not controlled with their habits this will become their personality. As statistics have shown, the fatter a child becomes the lower her self esteem becomes and these traits are carried over into adulthood and can avoid a woman from motivating herself to do something about it and she may think that this is the way life will be for her in the long run.

When we grow up, the negative messages that are sent to our brain are very powerful. Before we can start to take the first step we have to change the way we think. After each meal, the brain controls the release of fat burning hormones. We need a diet for women to lose fat that will trick hormones when we eat.

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