How to Avoid Weight Gain over the Holidays

Work functions, family get-togethers..yes, its the festive season and the parties seem to go on and on…

My family and I are planning a traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. Even though it is the middle of summer here, this includes Christmas pudding, pavlova, and home made gingerbread. As well as that, I’ve got a work function and good friends birthday two days before Christmas…at a Chinese banquet!

I am sure whether you celebrate Christmas or not the party season means more of everything..and that includes calories.

When parties and celebrations mean that we can wind up consuming up to three times more than we actually need just how can we avoid piling on the pounds by being sociable and partaking of what is on offer?

I have a strategy which is really useful…and it works!

I cut right down on calories by having a meal replacement shake for breakfast and lunch. Choose one that includes plenty of vitamins, minerals and fibre. Eat sensibly in the evening, and remember, no late night snacking! There are plenty of these shakes available.

Almond milk because not only does it tastes great, it is nutritious and actually lower in calories than skim milk! I mix my shake with this.

If I have a party or dinner to attend I eat fact it means I can enjoy the food knowing I’ve balanced it with less eating on other days.

It’s easy, convenient (as there is just so much to do in late December!), and it means I can keep track of how much I am consuming. This isn’t something I would do year round butalso means that by the time the family feast rolls around, I’ve actually lost a few pounds, and am feeling great. So while I do feast and enjoy all those delicious family treats, I don’t graze for days because I want to keep feeling and looking good. This has the knock on effect of wanting to keep feeling great…

Good habits and motivation spring from thinking slim in the first place. I also make sure to keep up every few days with my weight loss hypnosis I make sure to keep up with them.

have a healthy, vibrant New Year! HAPPY HOLIDAYS

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