how fat loss 4 idiots worked for me

fat loss for idiots- personal review

I found Fat Loss For Idiots diet programs, after my wife complained about my belly, which has been pretty much average before I got married. I made the decision sneaky diet called Fat Loss 4 idiots program. Even though I could not lose 9 lbs in 11 days (as they claim) I burned 13 pounds of pure fat in 22 days. Continue reading my review of Fat Loss 4 idiots diet plan.

I gained 2 inch waist and at least 10-15 pounds once I got married last year August. I always believed I am fit because I walk 30-45 minutes once a day; and I’m 100% veggy, my standard diet consists of very low fat and has lots of fruits and green vegetables; I dine out rarely; I travel by Car only if vital. Nevertheless, wonderful those lists of good things I gained weight and waist size likewise… I had to acquire new jeans as I can not use the old ones!

It’s about time to lose a few extra Pounds- Or Otherwise I’d have trouble!

I discovered this diet program called FatLoss4Idiots Most of the popular diet & weight loss plans require that you invest in too expensive meal plans (& that’s how those companies make millions) And here , Fat loss for idiots diet plan differs from others. You just aren’t recommended to buy anything extra.

Personally I think that Fatloss4idiot is definitely the least expensive and most economical diet plan ever created which you can now find the money for. (just $39-one time) Although the title may sound like sneaky it truely does work. They claim that you will lose 9 Lbs every 11 days…that claim seems like sales exaggerate; or perhaps it really work? But I was able to lose 7 pounds in 11 days! I repeated the diet plan for another 11 days and today I’m 13 pounds thinner than before!

How Does Fat Loss 4 Idiots Program Work?

It’s really a stupid system called “Calorie Shifting” in which you shock your body metabolism, thus leading to fast weight loss.

How the Fat Loss 4 Idiots proof Diet Works?

Take 4 meals per day with a gap of 2 ½ hours each.

Keep changing the protein – carb ratio so that your metabolism cannot settle down at one particular point. This can not allow your metabolism to slow down. ( Fasting and Appetite suppressants give you slow metabolism which badly affect weight loss).

fat loss4 idiots diet is a 11 days diet program followed by 3 days cheat period where you can eat anything of your choice. This diet plan can be repeated many times until you obtain your desired weight. You’ll be able to take a break in between if you feel so.

Fat loss 4 Idiots is entirely an online-based weight loss program therefore it is rather easy to access it sitting in front of your PC.

In this diet plan there is absolutely no calorie or carb counting, no limit on portion size – fat Loss for Idiots tells you “just eat short of being full”. After the 11 day meal plan there is a 3 day “cheat” – when you can eat whatever you fancy. Then you are back into the 11 day plan again… repeat the diet until you reach your desired weight.