How Can I Lose 10 Pounds?

Even though not obese, there are several people who would love to shed just a little added weight, along with their frequent refrain happens to be “how can I lose 10 pounds?” Well, honestly, it is not at all too difficult, if wise practice prevails.

Step one in answering the query “how can I lose 10 pounds?” is starting healthy dietary practices. For example, consuming a well-balanced diet, abundant with entire grains, fruits, vegetables and hard operating liver, would go a long way in helping people shed those few, unwanted pounds. Needless to say, refined sugars and fats could be very best avoided, whenever achievable, as furthermore these this hinder fat loss, nevertheless it carries few nutritional positive aspects, if any. Obviously, this really is not to state that fats should be totally eliminated from one’s diet; in reality, polyunsaturated and/or monounsaturated fats, for example those present in added virgin olive oil, avocados and nuts, can be consumed sparingly, under most circumstances.

The answer to “how can I lose 10 pounds?” is not limited to food, alone. What we drink is almost as important as what we eat. Heavily sweetened drinks, colas and alcoholic beverages are best kept to a minimum, wherever possible. However, unsweetened fruit juices are not frowned upon; whilst the hydrating power of that zero caloric miracle beverage (popularly known as “water”!) cannot be emphasized enough. In fact, when a person begins to ask him/herself “how can I lose 10 pounds?” consuming eight to ten glasses of water, daily; is thought to be helpful. To elaborate further, this is because, water, not only keeps a person hydrated (and is, thereby, a key ingredient in weight loss; as dehydration is thought to impair the burning of fat), but it also discourages over-eating, as it fills a person’s tummy, for the most part, at least.

When answering the question “how can I lose 10 pounds?” the require for physical physical exercise, can not be overlooked. It does not mean a person must embark on a challenging, back-breaking physical exercise plan; or even a one-off, super charged work-out. Rather, brisk walking, swimming or even cycling, on a normal basis, is advised by each, fitness gurus and medical experts, alike.

A person who is constantly asking him/herself “how can I lose 10 pounds?” should ideally, hang out with like-minded friends, wherever possible, so that socializing does not necessarily mean dining out on fast food or going out to a bar and getting inebriated. Instead, going hiking with friends, learning a new sport, or maybe even going dancing together, on a regular basis, are worthwhile options, that can be explored; by those who value social interactions, but who are also, on a quest to lose weight.

As can be clearly seen, the answer to the question “how can I lose 10 pounds?” is not rocket science. A balanced outlook and a sensible lifestyle will go a long way in promoting weight loss; and of course, a healthier, you!

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