Great Value And I Love It – Ashtanga Yoga Mat Critique

It’s great for daily practice and to take to the gym. It’s heavy, but it’s worth the extra weight. You cannot feel the hard floor beneath you. This mat is also ultra-durable. The only drawback is the heavy weight, but I knew that before I purchased this mat and I have no regrets. I have used mats from $20 to $100 and this is the best mat ever, I do Asthanga 6 days a week.

After about five or six yoga classes, it finally wore off. Still slippery when it gets really sweaty but way better than any other mat I’ve ever used.

In fact, you will get an excellent upper body workout just walking to class. If you are like me and have to carry extra yoga mats, eye pillows, a gym bag and a 13 month old, forget it. I’ve practiced yoga for only a little over a year, five mornings a week. Until purchasing the Manduka, I was using one of those thin, inexpensive yoga mats. Some other reviews have complained about slipping, but this hasn’t been a problem for me. It might be because there is a distinct top and bottom and if it is upside down it is slippery.

It survived doing yoga on damp cement floors for a year in India…on dirt…jute, cleans up easily too. If I don’t lose this one, it might be the last yoga mat I ever have to buy. If you want the most badass mat around, it’s the Manduka Pro, hands downward dog. I would say the only reason not to buy this mat is if you are looking for a travel mat – this one is HEAVY.

It does grip the floor, but I actually thought about ditching the mat and practicing directly on the wood floor, because it seemed like a much better option than this slippery mat. My instructor even pointed out the problems after class, and was surprised to learn that it is a Manduka mat.

With the Manduka, there was an immediate difference. It never bunches up and gets stickier with use. The mat is thicker, heavier and responsive to the body. Your feet feel both cradled and supported, while at the same time being firm enough to balance upon. For my students who have trouble with their knees in some of the poses requiring the body weight to rest on a knee, I recommend temporarily folding over one end of the mat to get double cushion under the knee while still leaving one layer under the rest of the body. This saves you having to haul more than one mat out each time you practice which can be discouraging especially to the beginner.

But, by all means, buy this if you want a serious exercise mat, for the saying “You get what you pay for” applies as much to this category of exercise equipment as anything else. Much thicker than basic yoga mat.

My husband and I both do the P90X workouts and I have to say for all of you out there, this is the BEST mat we’ve found. Italian Marble Coffee Table.