Get Your Body In Shape For Thai Boxing

Mixed-martial arts is growing around the world and with that fighters are noticing the best conditioned fighters tend to win more fights, and some of the best conditioned fighters come from Muay Thai. There are four training methods that Muay Thai fighters use that you can take advantage of.

1. Do rounds on a heavy bag. Muay Thai fighters use heavy bags a bit differently than traditional western-style boxers. Not only do the use the bags for punching and to increase their punching power, they also use them to work on kicks, knees, and elbows. They also use a longer-style of heavy bag that touches the floor, so they can work on their leg kicks, as Muay Thai leg kicks are a powerful part of their fighting arsenal.

One other main difference is they drill several times daily in increments of five rounds of five minutes each striking the bags. This is the length of a Muay Thai fight, and this is part of the daily conditioning that makes them some of the top conditioned fighters in the world.

2. Working with Thai pads. The Thai pads have the benefits of a heavy bag, yet they require a partner to use them to hold for you. This allows you to work on strikes and movements to hit a real target, and to work on combinations that you can actually use in a real Muay Thai fight. Muay Thai fighters drill several times daily in increments of five rounds of five minutes each striking the pads with a partner.

3. Sparring three times per week. Muay Thai fighters in Thailand will fight sometimes as often as twice a month, and that’s due to the economy in Thailand and they get paid for pro fights. With this in mind they have to keep their skills sharp, so they will do sparring with a partner three times a week with full-protective gear on. The sessions are five rounds of five minutes each.

4. Muay Thai conditioning. Muay Thai fighters have to be in peak condition to withstand some of the knees, elbows, and kicks they take in a fight. They especially have to work their abs, and six-pack abs are not good enough. Muay Thai conditioning is a combination of a daily 6-9 kilometer run, jumping rope for ten to twenty minutes, shadow boxing, and training with weights, kettle bells, and medicine balls.

If you are looking to add a great MMA conditioning program to your MMA training, then Muay Thai and Muay Thai conditioning programs can be a great choice to improve your skills and conditioning at the same time.

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