First Episode of Dhani Tackles the Globe

NFL linebacker Dhani Jones aired his first episode of Dhani Tackles the Globe with the Travel Channel on Monday March 16, 2009. As stated by Dhani in his opening, he believes that one of the best ways to learn about other cultures is to participate in the sports of that culture. In “Muay Thai in Thailand” Dhani spends a week training to fight in a muay thai match.

Muay thai is a form of martial art boxing specific to Thailand. In the episode “Muay Thai in Thailand” Pit, Dhani’s trainer, takes Dhani jogging for four miles each morning, then teaches him how to use his fists, elbows, knees and feet to fight his opponent.

To learn what muay thai is, Dhani attends a match. There he witnesses an opening dance which the fighters perform. Later he learns this dance from Pit and performs it himself before his own match.

Dhani bravely ventures out into Thai culture. He even eats bugs. He visits a fortune teller, an occupation much respected in Thailand. She tells him that this is not his year for love. Sorry, ladies. But he did tell her his birthday, February 22, 1978. The fortune teller recommended that Dhani go barefoot in the grass every day to prepare for his fight and that the day of the fight was a good day for him.

Dhani finds plenty of grass for bare footing it at some temple ruins outside of Bangkok. It is a peaceful place away from the constant bustle of the city. He also relaxes by playing soccer with elephants.

Dhani Tackles the Globe is a show that both men and women can enjoy. Dhani Jones has a relaxed approach to his narration. He appears genuinely involved and interested in immersing himself in the target culture. The physical, sports nature of the show adds excitement and suspense. How will Dhani fare against a muay thai boxer? Dhani shirtless is also appealing.

Watch Dhani Tackles the Globe on Monday March 23 when Dhani travels to Switzerland and participates in a schwingen match. The show airs at 9 PM EST on the Travel Channel. March 30th he plays rugby in England. Then April 6th he is on to dragon boat racing in Singapore. It is jai alai in Spain on April 13th; then hurling in Ireland on April 20th.

You may also wish to check out Dhani’s blog available on The Travel Channel’s website. Dhani posted a poem titled “The Punch” about his muay thai experience.

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