Exercise you can do at home to tone and slim your hips

The hip area is the hardest place on you body to get rid of unwanted body fat.

Of course the easiest way to firm your legs and in particular you higher legs (hip area) is to follow the famous hip exercise below. They're quite fun and very effective.

Hip Exercise: sometimes called the squatting leg lift

Step 1 (squat) : Stand upright with your legs a little apart (12-20 inches opening). Lower you bum and hips into a squatting position and try to lower yourself down as far as you can go (try and maintain this 90 degree body angle position). You would like to try and get your thighs parallel to the floor. Try and have your back bolt upright. Hold this position for a couple of seconds. (the longer the better).

Step 2 (right leg lift) : Steadily rise up from the squat position and at the same time lift your right leg straight out on the side. Try to keep your toes pointing down, like a ballad dancer.

Step 3 (squat) : Repeat step 1

Step 4 (left leg lift) : Gradually rise up from the squat position and at the same time lift your left leg straight out to one side. Try to keep your toes pointing down, like a ballad dancer.

Repeat this exercise as many time as you can handle, it's best to do exercises in sets, a set is the term experienced body-builders use when they're working out. Start off with 3 sets of 10. Continuously increase the set count to 3 sets of 50.

3 sets of ten = do the exercise ten times then rest, repeat the exercise another ten times then rest, finally repeat the exercise 10 ten times.

If you are feeling really brave then you can up the anti by doing this easy exercise while holding dumbbells or anything that weighs something, that is reasonably heavy.

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