Burn Belly Fat With Slendertone

The Slendertone Flex Abdominal System claims that it is a great way to strengthen and tone your abs, but is it any good?

Stomach fat is one of the most frustrating problems that unfortunately affects 90% of us. Its the kind of problem that if it is not sorted out can build up over time until it becomes really hard to shift.

This makes it really important to find a good solution quickly.

You place the gel pads on your stomach in certain positions. By sending electrical pulses it makes you abdominals contract and then release making them work.

The system is run on batteries. There are 2 workouts that it comes supplied with.One basic workout and the other more advanced.

There is no mess as it sits beneath the clothes. Lets take a look at the good points and bad points.

The pros. The main benefit is that it actually works and it does strengthen the ab muscles.

As you stomach is forced in to contracting you are working the muscles which helps them to shape and tone. Its also very well concealed.

People would not know that you are wearing it. Other benefits include that there is no mess and it is quite straight forward to use.

Is There a Better Way to Get Good Abs? So is there a good way of getting rid of belly fat?

If you have a thin frame and not much stomach fat then this probably won’t be for you but if this is one of your main problems then you may find this interesting.

The main problem I found is that it won’t get rid of your belly fat which was my real problem.

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