Batch Cooking: Saving Time And Money

Batch cooking is the practice of making enough food, in one cooking session, to get you through most of your workweek. Batch cooking saves cash and time. With good planning, it can be both healthy and heavenly, making it an all around excellent choice for those in the midst of shedding pounds.

When batch cooking, you prepare one or two different recipes that share lots of the same ingredients. There’s little or no waste, and the time expended in prepping the ingredients works for several different recipes.

For instance, you might make healthy, fat free versions of Chicken Cacciatore, Spanish Chicken, Hawaiian Chicken, and Chicken Vegetable Soup, all in the same afternoon. Fat-free, skinless chicken pieces can be acquired in a large, economy-sized package and split up into 3 or 4 lots. If you are not a fan of chicken, you can substitute shrimp, skinless turkey breast, skinless baked or sauteed white fish, tofu, legumes, and plenty of other categories of fat-free, healthy proteins.

After you've produced plenty of savoury, healthy, home-cooked food, leave enough portion-controlled servings in your fridge that will stay fresh for the course of your workweek. You can make portion-controlled frozen dinners for future use, with any leftover food.

Consider what kind of time and money you will save with batch cooking. Since you will not be passing time stopping for forgotten groceries, and in intensive cooking and cleanup jobs every day, you'll have more time to spend exercising and engaged in other pleasant activities. If you only need to grocery shop and do one major cooking and cleanup session per week, you'll find that you're more likely to avoid the take-out windows. Instead of having to address cooking every day, you'll get to look forward to enjoying the wonderful meals that you have recently prepared.

With batch cooking, there's almost no nightly preparation and cleanup. It only takes minutes to microwave a heavenly, home-made, portion-controlled meal—and only a minute or 2 to wash up after you have eaten. Batch cooking may save you enough cash every year to get a gymnasium membership, vacation, or a new wardrobe.

Your home made, portion-controlled meals, when paired with a fresh salad with low fat dressing and a large glass of water, will be a pleasing treat. You'll soon notice how easy batch cooking, organization, and preparation makes your life.

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