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How Does Vibration Weight Loss Work

Each year there seems to be a new way to lose weight, one of the newest ways is by using vibration weight loss machines. By using vibrations the user will tone their muscles in a shorter time than doing a long traditional workout.

These machines have been designed to produce vibrations from the feet through the whole body, this causes rapid muscle contractions which build muscle and bone density, along with improving flexibility, burning fat, improving the circulation on the user along with slowing the ageing process. Users of vibration machines will notice after a couple of uses that their fat is lower, their strength has increased and their blood pressure has decreased.

To use these machines the user stands on a vibrating platform holding static poses or performing dynamic exercises while vibrations underneath the platform and moved through the person at different intensities. It has been shown that standing on a machine that vibrates is just as effective on muscles as using a stationary bike for the same amount of time.

One can be quite skeptical about using one of these machines, but after many studies performed by doctors, independent researchers and the everyday person, it has been proved that these machines do work. The machine can be felt within the first ten seconds of starting. There are different types of these exercise machines including larger ones that can be used to do weighted exercises such as barbell squats, these machine types include High Energy Lineal which can be found in larger public gyms, Premium Speed Pivotal which are used at lower speeds and are used more for physiotherapy and the Medium Energy Lineal which are slower and give less results.

Vibration machines were originally tested by a Russian scientist who tested this type of machine on cosmonauts when they returned to earth as their muscle mass decreased along with their bone mass.

Not only are these pieces of exercises equipment used for physical therapy and rehabilitation, vibration weight loss is becoming increasingly popular in the mainstream fitness industry. If an individual is considering buying a vibration machine for their home they need to purchase a machine that is intended to meet the results they desire, either physical fitness or muscle building.

Although there are critics of vibration plate weight loss, a company called Reviber has come up with some products that certainly work.

Advances In Vibration Weight Loss Technology

The equipment used for vibration weight loss has changed over the last half century. In the 1950s and 1960s, slimmers would be seen standing on raised platforms with a vibrating belt wrapped around them in an effort to tone up and lose excess body fat. Today, modern slimmers stand on a specially vibrating plate for the same reason.

Vibrating platforms are reported to restore muscle function that has been lost by having a sedentary lifestyle. These devices are believed to exercise 100 per cent of the body’s muscles. Working out for just 10 minutes each day may result in better fitness, weight loss and an increase in muscle mass.

In 2003, scientists in Italy conducted a randomized controlled trial using high frequency (28 Hz) vibration training in menopausal women. The outcome measures they used were muscle power, cortical density and biomarkers of bone metabolism. After six months, the results showed that the technology did, indeed, increase muscle power as measured by an increase in vertical jump height.

Vibrating plate technology has also been demonstrated to improve bone mineral density. With an increasingly ageing population in the western world, osteoporosis could become a serious social problem. Widespread use of this technology could prove very useful at reducing this social burden.

Researchers at Oregon State University found that whole body vibration reduced fat accumulation in mature female rats. They published the results of this study in 2008. Similar results were obtained at Queens University in Belfast.

The microgravitational environment experienced by astronauts in space flight does not give them the conditions they require to exercise and keep fit. Using vibrating plates, Russian cosmonauts in 1994 were able to remain in space for 14 months, while their American counterparts were forced to return home after only four months because of degeneration in their bones and muscles. NASA have now introduced this to their exercise programs while out in space.

A UK Based company called Reviber have developed some great products for vibration plate weight loss.

How Vibration Plate Physiotherapy Is Revolutionizing Sport Science

The management of pain and the healing of damaged tissue has always been a major part of any treatment program. Previously, such treatment required extensive attention by physiotherapists and most patients were completely dependent upon experts to continue treatment. Similarly, sportspeople and fitness enthusiasts had little recourse in treating muscle aches, strain and compromised muscle tissue. Vibration plate physiotherapy, a relatively recent development now allow medical practitioners, individuals and therapists to target affected areas by using modern technology and state of the art equipment.

The elementary principles that are employed in this type of treatment are relatively simple. All the muscle groups in the body are stimulated by the power plates and this cause a reaction that is almost identical to the effect of physical exercise. The treatment works even better because the body is not placed under any form of trauma.

The relief and healing offered by power plate therapy can benefit a very large variety of people. Bedridden patients, for example, often experience muscle degeneration and this treatment can result in significant improvements. Therapists working with sportspeople also use it extensively prior to and even after strenuous activity. In many cases, individuals can even apply therapy for themselves.

Detractors say that this is just another high tech gadget. Nothing can be further from the proof. Many independent studies have shown that this type of treatment hold nothing but benefits for the recipients. The gentle yet effective stimulation of the body is highly efficient. Muscles regenerate and blood flow is improved, no doubt about that.

There are many different models available and it may be wise to spend some time to evaluate the proper requirements for a specific situation. Above all, it is important to deal with a reliable supplier that can provide expert advice, proper training and a reasonable warranty on the device on offer.

Skepticism aside, there can be little doubt that vibration plate physiotherapy has provided immense relief to thousands of people. The technology is supreme and the devices on offer to administer this type of treatment are superior. There is no reason at all to doubt that this type of therapy has benefited thousands of people and that it would become even more important in future.

A UK Based company called Reviber have developed some great products for vibration plate physiotherapy.

A Health Wiz In Vibration Plate Physiotherapy

Health and fitness has become a priority. As more and more people strengthen their commitment to healthy lifestyle, new techniques and innovation and equipment also arise. The past years, a lot more innovation in the health and fitness have surfaces. This includes the vibration plate physiotherapy.

Although it has been introduced fairly recently, it has becoming increasingly popular among health buffs. It was originally used specifically by athletes. The vibration it creates is found beneficial for warming up before a game or to relax the muscles after.

It is indeed a great way of completing a warm up. And it also helps to loosen the muscles after long hours of use as in playing a sport. This makes it widely used among sport professionals.

At present, private individuals are also reaping the benefits of using the equipment. The fitness business has effectively incorporated it to their exercise facility. In this case, the equipment has gained popularity and continues to spread its use across gym quarters.

Muscle stimulation is the machine’s forte. And when the entire body feels the vibration, it finds a way to move and react as necessary. The method makes an effective exercise.

Aside from benefitting the sports individuals and frequent gym goers, it is also useful for injured parties. This type of stimulation is said to be helpful to individuals who are suffering from injury too when coupled with other remedial methods. The elderly can also find the equipment advantageous.

Vibration plate physiotherapy is still being tested for its effectiveness. Studies are still on its way to prove the legitimacy of its promised benefits. But already, health buffs are swarming to gym quarters to give the machine a try. And basing from the way it is received, the equipment appear to be true to its promise.

A UK Based company called Reviber have developed some great products for vibration plate physiotherapy.

Advice On The Importance Of Vibration Plate Physiotherapy In Health

One of the more recent introductions to the fitness world and exercise has been the vibration plate physiotherapy. This is a form of technology that uses vibrations to exercise the body in to fitness and even loose fat. However, their uptake has not been fast. This is because when brought out only the rich and sports personalities used the machine.

When they were first introduced only the rich used them but things are now changing. Today, they can be found in gyms all over the place. They are also getting popular since people are sure that they can be able to tone up their bodies quickly and without too much pressure. This is possible since the vibrations created by the plates ensure that the muscles are in constant movement most of the time.

So, they matter to persons who participate in high impact sports. They can help be certain that muscles are relaxed all the time. Thus, they can help people relax the mind and body before engaging in the sport.

In addition, these plates also matter to people who have injuries. Since they do not need movement, they can help a person to exercise easily. Therefore, persons who cannot move at all could benefit from the machinery. The vibrations that are created by the machines are what cause muscle exercise so one does not need to move at all.

Nevertheless, even with their perceived benefits, they are yet to hit big time. This is since most professionals in the field of medicine and sports are not sure if there are benefits. But this has not stopped people from using them, even local exercise centers.

Therefore, the use of vibration plate physiotherapy does not seem to be reducing any time soon. This is majorly because they are being adopted all over. In fact, it has been noted that if used with other exercise routines, the benefits to a person can be immense.

A UK Based company called Reviber have developed some great products for vibration plate physiotherapy.