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What Question You Need To Answer Before You Begin To Lose Weight

Now when you’re trying to lose weight there’s something that you need to ask yourself before you actually begin. This inquiry is wholly dependent on what your true goal happens to be. This question is if you are training for weight loss or any sort of muscular tissue gain. This is because these are two goals that have two very different procedures.

Weight loss requires that you ingest or burn 500 calories less than your activity rate plus your BMR (basal metabolic rate). Body builders stuff themselves to make sure that they hit the 500 calorie excess that they need. This gives them the caloric supply to build the giant muscles they need to win competitions.

When you’re going for weight loss, you need to ask yourself what you’re doing in the first place. If you’re just doing the weight loss, you can just as easily diet down doing a negative 500 calories based on which is too in-depth to go into right now but generally you want to get into that 500 calorie range.

When you have your goal in mind that then sets the stage for what foods are best to eat for that day. Honestly, those foods are going to vary from day to day. Many people try to institute negative calories at this point. This is when you ingest something that costs more to digest than it gives you for energy. However, there is never a silver bullet for weight loss. You’ve just got to figure out your formula and stick to your formula as you go along in your weight loss journey.

Journaling is the backbone of any good weight loss program. This journaling will tell you exactly what you’re doing wrong with your diet now, and how to fix it. This is definitely the first place to start when you’re trying to lose weight.

I saw a TV show about a woman who was nearly a ton in weight. In addition, this woman really did not know how much she was eating and she was actually eating too little actually I should say. When you do not ingest enough food (or calories), your fat cells get bigger. This allows them to capture and store a greater amount of calories. Your body gets more efficient at running on less energy and it makes you fatter in the process. A dietician came in and made sure she was eating to the right level for her. However, this was still a very low calorie diet. She lost weight on this program even though she cheated a few times. She managed to lose I think 10 pounds in the first week as she was going through her — she was trying to lose weight for gastric bypass surgery but she needed to journal. I have to tell you that if you are serious about losing weight, then you are serious about journaling. Journaling is not an option. It is something you have to do.

So all this stuff about, “I should be eating apples because of malic acid or I should be eating grapefruits,” or any of those kinds of diets is hogwash. Weight loss really depends on your goal is. That goal will tell you how many calories you need to consume. However, keep in mind that your doctor should always be apprised of what you’re doing. They need to be told what your plan is and how you are executing that plan. This will keep you out of trouble in the future. You should bring your food journal with you to show them what your currently doing and what you’re planning to do. You also bring them your current exercise schedule and what you think your schedule will be in the future. All this is made possible by figuring out what you really want out of your diet and exercise program. So if you can do that, you’ll probably be very successful at losing weight.

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