A Great Item, So Wonderful – Custom Yoga Mat Review

I tried everything I read and heard about trying to “break in” a mat and to make it stop being slippery but nothing worked on this mat! Extremely disappointed I am just glad that I was able to return it and get a refund before I broke or cracked a bone or something! The first day that I used it, I emailed my friend telling her that I had just fallen in love, with my new mat. I love this mat! Working out” I’ve never had a problem with slipping and it’s super easy to clean/dry. It’s a nice mat, you’ll enjoy it. I bought this for my girlfriend.

It’s not only that it’s thicker; it’s made out of a completely different kind of material. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s more like thick tire tread than rubbery like most mats.

It provides good support, even when getting sweaty. The Manduka black mat offers the most secure footing of any mat I have used; the enhanced stability allows one to concentrate on the pose and not on keeping the feet from slipping. This mat is more sturdy and thick, thus padding the sensitive bony prominences. It is not slippery, though I wouldn’t say it is any better than other mats if you are doing a very sweaty (like sweat dripping off you into puddles) yoga–you still need a towel. This is a good mat, but a bit slippery when wet. I’m not sure the mat is worth buying if you sweat a lot, since you’ll need to put a towel on it anyway.

It is very tick, long, and comfortable. I got this for my fiancee who is a yoga teacher. I like to conserve, and hate to waste money and a mat, but I am unable to tolerate practicing on this mat. Yoga mats are always compromises: lightness, durability, length, color, padding and “skidproofness” are all considerations that may be part of individual preferences.

It is a little big if you travel with it but I like that. If your Manduka is half the joy to you that mine is then you’ll be pleased with this.

From day one I’ve had to use a towel under my hands at the front of the mat to keep from collapsing in down dog. I’ve tried them all, your standard “sticky” mat, a Mysore rug, etc. Manduka provides great customer service, and the mat has a guarantee no matter where you buy it. Manduka mats have the longest break-in time of any mat I’ve owned, but they are so worth it! I love the texture of this mat — it’s very solid feeling with a good bit of stick — and it doesn’t move around at all. It has just the right amount of cushion to it, and I use it on a hard floor.

Roughly the thickness of two average mats together, this one will help cushion all those boney parts and not bunch up the way two mats together always seem to do. It’s not only thicker, it’s denser to boot.

Out of the box, it was slippery. NEGATIVE FILM SCANNER.