A Few Negative Consequences of High Protein Dieting

Weight loss amongst women is a hot global issue. Many women are concerned about their figure, beauty, health and wellness. As such, many attempt different forms of losing weight. Losing weight amongst women has become a multi-billion dollar global industry.

Every day there are researches that are geared towards solving this great problem that affects a greater proportion of women. In this endeavor, some health product companies have come up with specially formulated high protein diets on the basis that high protein diets contribute to weight loss.

Though researchers seem to lend credence to this notion of high protein diet contributing to weight loss, a good number of them are concerned about the negative effects of high protein weight loss diet for women.

What are some of the negative effects of high protein weight loss diet for women? Some of the negative effects that have been identified include;

1. Aggravated severity of renal disease 2. Kidney malfunction 3. Osteoporosis 4. Chronic disease

Aggravated severity of renal disease: Although there is no scientific evidence about high protein diet causing renal disease, researchers have indicated that for those women already having renal disease, long-run use of high protein diet may aggravate this condition.

Kidney malfunction: Researchers have indicated that there is a high probability of kidney malfunction complications from women already encountering impaired kidneys. Kidney stones are aggravated by high protein weight loss diet to people already facing such problems. However, just like renal disease, there is no sufficient scientific evidence to prove that high protein weight loss diet causes kidney malfunction.

Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis is a condition characterized by porous bones that become brittle and easily susceptible to breakages even by the pressure of your own weight. Researchers suggests that intake of high protein weight loss diet may inhibit absorption of calcium into the body thus causing calcium deficiency – a condition conducive to osteoporosis.

Chronic diseases: Naturally, high protein diets originate from rich protein sources. These rich protein sources such as eggs, whole milk, pork and mutton may result into intake of high levels of fats accompanying them. This fat, rich in dangerous cholesterol, may cause chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and cardiac arrest.

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