4 Ways To Stay Slim

Skinny women are always eating but never overeating

Skinny women eat 4-to-6 small meals everyday and all of their meals have about 300 calories in them so Skinny women eat about 1200-to-1800 calories a day and more importantly…

Skinny women always STOP eating once they are satisfied and unlike you… Skinny women don’t keep eating until they are FULL and…

Since skinny women eat a small meal every 2-to-3 hours they never get hungry which means they’ll never overeat and get fat.


Skinny women use common sense diets to stay slim A skinny women’s diet is very simple because they usually eat everything except for soda, sweets and these other bad foods here but… Skinny women do cheat once in a while and they may eat at fast food places, go to bars to have a drink or may even have some cake at a birthday party but… Skinny women only eat these bad foods every once in a while and… If any overweight woman is smart enough to STOP eating these other bad foods here then they can probably lose a lot of weight just by doing that.


Skinny women don’t fight stress with food Instead of dealing with stress by overeating & getting fatter… Skinny women deal with stress by exercising, hanging out with friends or doing other activities that don’t involve eating – See easy ways to deal with stress


Skinny women build sexy muscles Skinny women are smart enough to know that lifting weights WILL NOT make them look like a man but instead… Skinny women know that lifting weights or doing body sculpting exercises will only make them look sexier because… The muscle they build helps them get skinny and stay skinny by increasing their metabolism.

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