3 Ways to Ruin Your Waist Exercise Program

So you would like to look better naked. You’ve started taking on those unappealing bulges, love handles, and back rolls with waist exercises.

Smart decision. Now here are 3 errors you’ll need to keep clear of in your quest for a lustworthy waist:

Carbohydrate and Sugars

Sure you’ve heard this before: dining on junk food will make you blow up like a deer tick. Here’s a secret that you might not already know: in order to look like a greek goddess or god, you don’t need to remove “bad foods” altogether, just limit your intake of certain items.

The chief offender? Not fat, but sugars and carbohydrate. These foods have a tendency to cause insulin spikes that, long story short, tell your body to store excess calories as fat. So you can do your waist exercises ’til your blue in the face: if your system is still trying to store calories as fat, you’re not going to get any slimmer.

How does one identify foods with sugar and carbohydrate in them? Read the label. If your food has anything more than 0 grams of sugar/carbohydrate in it, then voila, it has sugar. Another easy test: if the food is white, it’s very likely a carbohydrate. Some examples include pasta, breads, potatoes, and rice.

For most of us, eliminating sugar from our diets all in one blow is almost impossible. Instead, try some tricks to scale back gradually. Instead of a bowl of cereal for breakfast, have a couple of EggBeaters and some spinach. Have your usual lunch, snacks, and dinner for a couple of weeks and track your progress. After a couple of weeks, start replacing the sugars and carbohydrate in your lunch with protein or vegetables.

Phase out sugar and carbohydrate slowly, and give yourself a cheat day every 7-10 days.

Being Inconsistent

Attacking your waist daily one week and not at all the next is really a recipe for failure. The most notorious cause of inconsistency? Failing to make your workouts a high priority.

If your waist exercises are not your #1 priority, then when it comes time to scheduling a workout, writing, cooking, playing video games, or chatting with your neighbors or friends will be more tempting and will win out.

Make your exercises your first priority. This is your life, and it’s likely to be more difficult have fun with it if you aren’t comfortable in your own body, so schedule your weekly training routine and anything else should be secondary.

Not Working Hard Enough

Your body will get stronger and adapt to the stresses you put it through. This includes your waist exercises, and it means that keeping the very same routine with the same intensity will result in an eventual plateau; you’ll see no more gains and you’ll probably get annoyed and quit.

To avoid this, keep a diary, notebook, or spreadsheet of your waist exercise routine. If a certain workout felt easier this week, make a note to increase the reps, weight, or intensity the next time you do that or a related workout.

If it’s easy to do, your body won’t benefit. Encourage yourself to work just a little harder each and every week and within a few weeks you won’t believe just how far you’ve come.

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